Europe Trip: Venice Day 1

Bethany and I recently took our dream trip to Europe, traveling in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. I'm working on a series of photo posts to help me process and remember our adventures. If you would like to follow this photo series, you can see the first post by clicking here. There will be many more posts to come!

Introducing My New Fujifilm x100s

Introducing My New Fujifilm x100s

Last year I found myself wanting to change the way I captured photographs. I found that a super zoom and all digital settings made me feel lazy as I stood in one place, zooming in and out to capture a scene with my Canon EOS 7D. The challenge of a prime lens allured me along with the appeal of a camera small enough to carry everywhere. 

When I created a photo book last spring I noticed increasing gaps between the times that I took out my DSLR to capture life. I had come to rely too heavily on my iPhone to remember the images of my everyday life. I regretted that I was trading the convenience of my most available camera for the flexibility and image quality found in a better camera. 

During my trip to East Africa last fall I was offered a significant sum for my Canon EOS 7D and decided to sell it. I had not planned for this so I didn't know where to start when looking for a replacement except for in the Canon SLR lineup. The full frame 6D was attractive but after shooting with Canon DSLRs for so long I wanted to explore other options. 

Gaslamps and Making a Decision on the Fujifilm x-Pro1

Gaslamps and Making a Decision on the Fujifilm x-Pro1

Spending a little over a week in downtown San Diego this past May gave me a chance to test out the Fujifilm X-Pro1.  I've always loved the Gaslamp Quarter but usually only visited the area at night. Spending my lunch breaks in downtown afforded me broad daylight and a chance to see the place from a new perspective. 

I focused on capturing the gas lamps from various angles, framing them with the surrounding buildings. I also looked for images that would test the metering and exposure on the Fujifilm X-Pro1. Stunned by both the image quality and its ability to capture a broad range of light in a single exposure, the X-Pro1 made a great impression.


I am spending a week or so in downtown San Diego serving as a juror. This is providing the perfect chance to use the Fuji x-Pro 1 for some street photographer. Here's my favorite shot from my first day with the camera. I appreciated how the x-Pro 1 capture details in the highlighted building on the other side of the trolley even though the foreground was so much darker. 

Trying Out a Fujifilm X-Pro1

I am currently trying out the Fuji X-Pro1 to see how it would serve as my next primary camera. I love its vintage styling, sharp images and beautiful capturing of color. The fact that it is a lot smaller than digital SLRs also appeals to me. I unfortunately had to return the Fuji X100 that I mentioned in my last post. I purchased it used and discovered a signifiant amount of dust on the sensor which was going to be quite expensive to fix. After getting my money back it occurred to me that if I loved the X100 the X-Pro1 might be a great fit because it uses the same film-like controls that I love plus it adds the ability to use interchangeable lenses.

Garnett Peak

The view from Garnett Peak in the Laguna Mountains.

I went hiking east of San Diego in the Laguna Mountains this past week. Our hike up to Garnett Peak gave me my first opportunity to use my Fuji x100 for landscape photography. This is one of my favorite photos from peak.

Footnote: After this shoot I discovered that the used Fujifilm X100 had been significantly damaged, partially evidenced by the large smudge you see at the bottom of the picture. I got my money back thanks to eBay's buyers protection and then continued to think through which Fujifilm X series camera to purchase first.

Fujifilm x100: My New Camera

I tried out a Fuji x100 for the first time last week and fell in love with its vintage style and controls as well as stellar photo quality. I purchased a used one this week and this is one of my first photos with it, taken right outside of my place after I opened the box. I will be posting more about it as I get to know the camera better.

Black and White

A cave at the La Jolla Cove.

A cave at the La Jolla Cove.

I'm working on a black and white photo project right now and will be posting the results this summer. I'm increasingly drawn to the timeless look of black and white image. This image of a cave at the La Jolla Cove represents one of my favorite places in San Diego. I take a picture of this cave every time I walk by but the wildflowers added some dimension to the shot on this particular visit.

Vintage Safari

On the way to my most recent trip to East Africa I found an article on safari in an issue of Conde Nast Traveler. The classic look of the images that they displayed inspired me to capture my own series of vintage safari pictures. Using our tented camp just outside of Maassai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, my sister and I captured a collection I have entitled Vintage Safari. Click here to see the rest of the images from this collection.