Is This Really Happening?

CRW_6801.jpg It is surreal. It is unbelievable. It is hard to imagine. We are actually on our way to India! We're living the dream that God gave us and I could not be more excited! Sure, I'm a bit apprehensive but also confident that everything will work out. Our equipment is new, our team is newly formed and we are new to the whole realm of documentary films. The same God who led us here will give us the strength to do what we came to do.

Now that we are on the first leg of our flights, our next task is absolutely crazy. We are going to get off the plane for our layover in New York and make a taxi run to B&H Photo to get some of the final equipment that we need. Our layover is shorter than we originally believed, at a mere four and half hours. Its a pretty risky move but we need the stuff that we are going there to get. This trip is going to be an amazing but crazy adventure, I can tell already!