CRW_7424.jpg I first met Jwala when she walked into a classroom so that we could conduct an interview with her. As we asked her to describe what her life was like before she came to the orphanage, she began to talk about her parents but then she stopped. A sad look came over her face and although she tried to suppress it, tears began to stream down her face. As she cried and we tried to comfort her, we learned that her parents had died only 6 months before. We already knew that her father had been murdered and that her mother refused to eat and died a month later. What we did not know was how recently this had taken place.

A few days later I had a chance to speak to the children about God's love for the fatherless. I shared with them how I lost my father when I was 9 years old and of how faithful God had been to me as my Father. She was crying as I spoke and from that day we were inseparable. Jwala needs prayer as she is still healing from such a difficult experience for an 11 year old little girl. I will never forget her.