I Left My Heart in India

CRW_7484.jpg I'm having a hard time transitioning from India to Sri Lanka. We've been here for four days already but sometimes it seems that my heart is still in India. As I process my pictures of the Indian orphans, I remember each one and all of the joy that our time with them brought. Their sadness when we left still breaks my heart. Gotume, one of the little girls, said, "You leave for Sri Lanka. All the children sad. No games."

I do love the kids here at the children's home in Sri Lanka. They are very sweet but it seems that they have so much more than the kids in India. They have beds, a beautiful setting, ample sporting equipment and an excellent assortment of food to make them healthy. By comparison, the children in India have so much less yet they have such an amazing love for God.

I miss India with all of of the beautiful orphans, the Mekela family and the ministry there. I did not think that it would be hard to move from place to place but as much as I like seeing new countries, moving from one film project to another is not going to be easy.