So Little Says So Much

CRW_6836.jpg In a tiny little mountain village, outside the town of Paderu, I saw a modern illustration of Jesus' words. The members of the church had just brought their tithe, consisting not of money but of a portion of their crops. The people of this area earn a meager wage of about a dollar a day. Among the bags of rice there was a tiny little sack sitting on top. It was a small tithe from one of the poorest members of the church.

As I looked at the sack I could not help but remember the story of the widow's mite. Jesus saw the large gifts made by the rich but when he saw a widow give the small amount that she had, He said that she gave more than the rest. This small sack of rice came from people who have nothing. Wouldn't it be tempting to think that having so little would make it not even worth it to give to God? Imagine the rewards in heaven for those who have so little but love Christ so much. This sack of rice is so little but it says so much.