The Unknown

An Indian Pastor I was reading Acts 1 this morning and found a story that pertains to what we are doing as Mission Focus. The story is of Matthias, the man chosen by the eleven disciples to replace Judas as an apostle. Many preachers have assumed that it was not God's will for the disciples to choose a replacement. They generally base this argument on the fact that we hear nothing further about Matthias in the biblical record. It is as though his value as a disciple is dependent on how much we know about him.

The worth of God's servants is not measure by how much we know about them but by everything that God knows about them. There are countless obscure and unknown followers of Christ's whose works will live on in heaven although we may never know about them. I think of the Indian pastors who live on $12 of support a month and in poverty level homes, yet labor tirelessly to lead people to Christ. I think of the many women who devote themselves to the needs of children, both their own and others. We may never know about them but God does and their love will not go unrewarded.

Our goal at Mission Focus is to tell the stories of God's servants. We want people to know what God is doing abroad in order to enlarge their hearts and to expand their sights into areas they've never considered before. We think Christians ought to focus on missions and that God's servants are worthy of our recognition, appreciation, prayers and support. We will never be able to tell every story and discover every servant of God, but for those we have the opportunity to find we pray that the intersection of our paths will have a last impact not only for them but for the kingdom of God.

We don't know much more about Matthias but let us never assume that the only things relevant to God's kingdom are those we know about. His work is so much larger than our field of vision. What is relevant to God is far beyond what we value or appreciate. Lord, open our eyes!