A Story About a Boat

cimg1808_2 It all started three years ago when I flew from Alaska down to San Diego to visit both the city and Bethel Seminary for potential studies. Since I was carless, I rented a bike and took a 26 mile ride that took me all over the city. One of my destinations was Cabrillo National Monument where I got my first good overlook of the city, its layout and the beautiful San Diego Bay. On my way up to Cabrillo National Monument, I stopped at an overlook to gaze out at the ocean. Meeting a middle-aged woman also taking a break from her ride, we struck up a conversation. When I asked her where she lived, she said that she lived on a sailboat and that it was one of the best things she had ever done. Being from the North, I ignorantly asked her what she did in the winter. She looked at me like I was crazy and answered "what winter?" It was that moment when I reached the realization that living on a boat and being on the water as much as possible was exactly how I wanted to spend my time in San Diego.

Having grown up sailing smaller boats, I was not entirely new to sailing but I knew very little about larger boats. Although living on a boat made it onto my list of life goals and into many conversations, I discovered that finding a boat and especially a place to keep one in San Diego, was much more difficult than I had anticipated. After several months I decided that I would delay the sailboat plans and perhaps try again after I finished seminary.

Two years later I received a call from a friend who knew about my desire to buy a sailboat. He told me that he had found a better deal on a sailboat than he had ever seen before and encouraged me to take a look at it. Not expecting much, I drove up to Long Beach and much to my surprise I loved both the boat and its price! A 27 foot Catalina, the boat was in remarkable shape for its age.

The first obstacle, however, was finding a place to keep the boat if I were to buy it. Most marinas in San Diego have a 2-3 year waiting list for live aboard slips. I called the San Diego Mooring Company and after telling me that it would be a 2-5 month waiting list, they discovered that they had an open mooring near downtown in the San Diego Bay. The other boats on their waiting list were to large for the spot so within a day of starting my search, I secured a mooring before I had even decided whether or not to buy the boat! Less than one month later, I acquired the boat and began living one of my many dreams!