It's Who You Know

One thing I have learned about traveling here and this is perhaps the most important tip I could give to one interested in traveling at least this part of Africa, is that the old cliché is never truer than it is here that "it's not what you know but who you know." People are very helpful here about offering advice but the conflicting information you'll receive here is truly remarkable. For instance, the other day I was talking to a tour operator who told me to take a particular bus. While on my way there I met another Ugandan friend who called his friend who works on these buses, only to find out that they don't even travel to where I needed to go. So this new friend of a friend helped me to get to the right bus and through this round about process of "who you know" I managed to make it to my destination. The lesson from this is that Africa is a relational society and if you are going to make it here, you'll need to be relational. Talk to and make friends with everybody you meet and in addition to the more enriching experience that results, they will help you find your way. This just might be one of the reasons I feel so at home in this place.