Celebrating an Artist’s Breakthrough

gayleWhen Gayle first began to talk about releasing a full length album it would have been hard to imagine even for a musician just how much it would take to make this happen. The vicissitudes of Gayle's journey have included moments where it looked like releasing this album would never happen as well as where needed breakthroughs came through in surpising ways and at just the right times. The process that began over a year and a half ago has finally reached its culmination. Gayle's new album "Make Believe" and best work to date will release this Saturday evening, November 13th. The CD Release Show will be at the Ruby Room in San Diego at 7 PM. I've had the good fortune of being a friend of Gayle's over the past several years. This has allowed me to witness firsthand the heart that she has for music and the relentless effort that she is willing to put forth to bring beauty to the world through her art. She has a captivating voice and an expressive soul that feels deeply. She combines this with an intelligence that makes her lyrics searching and relatable for those who travel through life on a quest for love and meaning.

Gayle's latest album "Make Believe" is a masterful blend of engaging tunes and heartfelt lyrics. After listening to the album over the past few days I am captivated and believe that this will be her breakthrough. Don't miss the chance to be there for her historic CD Release Show! It will be a time to celebrate two years of an artist's dedication to bringing her work to light. Gayle's heart and soul ring through in the album and it is one that you will want to own to enjoy again and again.

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