Oxford: A Place That Inspires

Oxford, England is one of my favorite towns in the world. There are many reasons for this but one of them is because it inspires me to dream big. I love history and the first time I set foot in Oxford I was enamored with its intriguing past. Studying at a college that patterned its educational methods after the Oxbridge model only added to the intrigue. As I walked the historic streets I found myself musing about how much I would love to study at Oxford University someday. A few years later I went back to explore the possibility further. I'll never forget standing outside of Queen's College hesitant to ask for academic information. While I waited the words to a song reminded me that this was my time and to live every moment leaving nothing to chance. I faced my fears and spent a beautiful day wandering around Oxford, gathering information, meeting faculty from the University, and learning as much about the town's history as I could discover.

I ultimately decided that it would be best to pursue a Master's Degree at a seminary in the US first. Whether or not I ever complete a degree program at Oxford I still hope for a chance to study in some form as part of my education. Meanwhile, it continues to inspire me as a place that reminds me not to give up on my dreams and settle.

What places inspire you?