How Visitors Help You Enjoy Your Own City

The best time to enjoy your own city is when you are hosting visitors. The desire to show someone around and to help them enjoy their visit is a wonderful stimulus to explore what your surroundings have to offer. We typically take our own areas for granted while longing for what everywhere else has to offer. The grass seems greener on the other side of the fence until someone comes over to our side and wants to take a look around. My brother is visiting me for two weeks here in San Diego and we are having a blast. It has been fun for me to slow down and enjoy some time with John in the beautiful place where I live. We have thrown the frisbee at Ocean Beach, overlooked the city from the lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument, walked the boardwalk from Mission to Pacific Beach, visited the local Drive In theater, played games at Dave & Busters, watched a Padres game, spent a night in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter overlooking downtown and enjoyed coffee at some of San Diego's finest coffee shops. It has been a joy to host my brother and I'm so glad we've made the time for this visit. One of the best things about living in San Diego is that it is a place where people love to visit. I've seen and hosted more visitors here than I likely will anywhere else. Welcoming visitors lends a unique perspective to how I look at my city. It causes me to look for and notice the places that would be good to take people to enjoy. I am a travel guide of sorts and this helps to keep me alert.

While longing for a vacation is it possible that we are overlooking some of the beauty and intrigue that is all around us? Use your next opportunity to host visitors as a chance to explore your own area with renewed interest. Buy a travel guide and look up new places as if you were a visitor. I hope this helps you to enjoy your own city.